Here you can read updates about the work God's doing through missionaries we support. For their security, their names and places they serve may be changed, but all stories are otherwise told in their own words whenever possible.

Berumen Family

Lucio and Vanita Berumen have been missionaries through YWAM since 2003.

Culiacán Blog

Day 5

Holá from Culiacán! 

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had a very busy day and were blessed with the opportunity to visit the prison and worship with them. It was not what some of us expected and was exactly what some of our team did expect! I will say they seemed to have a pretty good security system. It was great to see they had some freedom in there and there were some pets, a little Chihuahua and a terrier were onsite. One of the inmates that had been there for 18 years led the service, and Don prayed and talked with the men in español. We pray for their transformation and reunification with their loved ones through God's grace and mercy.

Today we split into two groups. One group: Brooke, Lucio, and Emily went to Forùm Mall and evangelized with the youth pastor and some of the youth team from Emmanuel. They were able to make some connections while they were there and also strengthen their relationships with the youth group. We can pray that God will work in the lives of the people they met today. 

Don, Cindy, and I went to another treatment program with church leaders from Emmanuel and shared God's word. The treatment program had multiple buildings, including a cement company where they made bricks. It was very impressive and very open and spacious. The men who were staying there were gracious and willing to share their situations with us. 

It was the last day of VBS classes and we ended the night with a water ballon game that all seemed to enjoy, the kids and the adults.  I should say very WET adults!! Almost all the kids came again this night and were very happy again to see us.   Following VBS we had dinner at Emmanuel with the whole team, teens, and families. 

Brooke has to leave a day early and is departing very early tomorrow (Friday) as she has a commitment back in Minnesota, our loss their gain. She had to say her good byes this night to her Culiacán families and will miss them all dearly...until her next trip. 

Please pray for Brooke to make her connections on time and travel safely, also pray for God to continue to use us as his hands and feet, bringing glory to His holy name.

Day 3

Today we had a very busy day and we were blessed with the presence of Lucio and his light humor and easy temperament. We went to a men's treatment program this day, it was amazing to see God's hands working to transform the lives of the men we met this day, proof that God is working hard in Culiacán! A small group of church members (Emmanuel) came to gain some general knowledge about addiction and motivation for change. Tonight we started VBS at Progresso. Everything fell right into place as God intended it. LOTS of kids came from all ages and were treated to an amazing puppet show by our talented puppeteers, games, and craft time! Everyone was having so much fun it was a late exit! We had dinner (very late) with our brothers and sisters at Emmanuel, I think there was about 40 people there, and what a great home cooked meal! It was so amazing to see the light of God in the little kids this night, it reinforces the effort and desire to be here doing Gods work! Humility was our lesson this day and was easy to be be humbled with such an opportunity to meet eager persons, share God's love, and glorify Him!! Please pray for our team that we can continue reaching out forming new relationships and strengthening current ones with adults and children of Progesso and Culiacán. In Christ, your Hermanos.

Day 1: "ARRIVAL"

Dia uno, we all arrived safely to our destination::) God was on our side and all the traveling and layover went very well!! Cindy and Emily however were two lucky winners of the "baggage search operation" at customs, what a drag, well you know what they say, somebody gotta push that red button!!

We were greeted by Senior Reuben and Octavio and his wife Beatriz as they so graciously picked us up from Mazatlan. About three hours later we arrived at El Hotel Santa Fe!! 

We were/are tired however stoked to start working with the families of Culiacan tomorrow:) We walked to a very nice restaurant near our hotel Quin Mart and had a great meal!

Next we prayed on the roof top, and there was a partial rainbow in the sky when we got up there. We prayed for God to work thru us, for safety and health, safe traveling for Lucio, and for you folks back home (yah, you know you miss us!) 

Well, off to bed 8:38 Pm and we will touch base again tomorrow evening. Please continue to pray for us that we may reach some persons through Christ working thru us, and that we have fun too!! Blessings on everyone, love, your Culiacan Crew!

Talking Bibles

Paul brings Talking Bibles to East Africa so that people who can't see or read are able to hear God's word in their own language. Watch the following video to hear stories about those who have been affected by Talking Bibles.

Find more information about Talking Bibles at talkingbibles.org.