What's your Circle?

Everybody needs a circle of few—a group that starts with a common interest and uses that as a starting point to grow in relationship to each other and to God.

Small Groups are a formalized circle of few, made up of people that usually meet twice a month during the school year for Bible study, prayer, and socializing. For more information on how to find a small group, email us:

Whether you are in a circle of few or a small group, we want you to be in community with others. 

Summer Showcase

Starting June 11, we have one Sunday adult class each hour called the Summer Showcase. Each week features a new speaker and new topic connecting our faith to contemporary issues. Click here for the complete schedule. 

Want more information about adult classes?  Email Pastor Don.

One-on-One Discipleship

Why do we believe what we believe?

For those who want to go deeper in their understanding of God and his church, we offer One-on-One Discipleship: a completely customizable Bible study designed to fit your schedule.

Each participant gets paired with a mentor to explore the foundational elements of our faith. Some choose to meet on a regular basis, while others meet whenever schedules allow.

A wide range of people—professionals, students, stay-at-home parents—have been able to participate in the program. You can start any time by contacting Sharon Miller or Mark Simons.

Intentional living cohort

Pastor Darrell will be leading an Intentional Living Cohort, which gives participants an opportunity to learn and practice nine different spiritual disciplines over the course of nine months.

Participants will meet once a month to receive instruction on a spiritual discipline and then practice it for the following month. At the next meeting, each one will share about their experience.

There is no cost for the Intentional Living Cohort. To get involved, contact Pastor Darrell.