Nominations for Church Officers

North Haven Church has a congregational style of government: the government is vested in the body of members who compose it. Thus, the final authority for decisions shall be the congregation to whom the Board and the staff are responsible. Board Members serve a two-year term beginning June 1. Board Members are nominated prior to the spring Congregational Life business meeting and a slate of candidates is approved by congregational vote at the meeting.

  • The Board of Elders is to be the spiritual custodians of the church's mission and vision. They are responsible for the spiritual health and welfare of the church.
  • The Board of Stewards shall be specifically responsible, under the authority of the Board of Elders, to oversee financial matters and provide for the use, care and maintenance of all church property.

The nomination process will close on April 29. Any member of North Haven Church can be nominated to a position on one of the church boards.

Below are the qualifications for the Boards of Elders and Stewards.

Qualifications of Elders

Elders should be persons who are not eager for power, but eager to serve (Matthew 20:25-28, I Peter 5:2-3). They should have spiritual wisdom and mature judgment, and be well respected by those inside and outside the church (I Timothy 3:2, 7,10; Titus 1:6; Acts 6:3). They should be under the Holy Spirit’s control (Acts 6:3) and firmly convinced of the central tenets of the faith (I Timothy 3:9; Titus 1:9). Their lifestyle should be characterized by temperance (I Timothy 3:8), financial integrity (I Timothy 3:3,8), self-control (Titus 1:7-8), and stable family life (I Timothy 3:4, Titus 1:6).

In addition, an Elder must:

  1. Be a member of the church for at least one year immediately prior to election.
  2. Be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Regularly participate in corporate worship and be actively involved in ministry of the church.
  4. Not be a staff member, other than the Senior Pastor.

Qualifications of Stewards

Stewards shall meet standards as established by the Elders. The standards shall be biblical standards of character and conduct as well as a commitment to the ministry of the church. This shall normally be interpreted to mean:

  • A member of the church
  • Committed to, active in, and having biblical knowledge appropriate to the specific ministry area
  • Possessing good reputation in and outside the church and having demonstrated self-control and appropriate biblical attitudes in relationship with others
  • Regular public worship with the church